What Else Can You Do With An Education Degree?

Whether you've taught for a few years and want to try something else or you are nearing the end of your college education and have realized that you may not want to teach, you might wonder what else you can do with an education degree. Luckily, many job opportunities exist for you; some are below.

Education Tech Sales Jobs

In school or in your job, you may have some experience with various software packages and other education technology. With a degree in education, you are uniquely positioned to know what kind of education tech materials appeal to teachers. That knowledge can translate well to the education technology sales field. You can discuss various tech with educators and present them with solutions to help them work. As someone who also has an education degree, they may be more likely to listen to what you have to day.

Ed tech sales jobs also allow you to build and hone in on marketing and business skills; some of your salary may be based in commissions, which provides you incentive to really work on those different skillsets in order to succeed. You may try some business classes to boost that part of your profile.

Political Lobbyist

State,local and federal politicians are forever examining ways to legislate and work on education-related issues. As a supporter of various education issues and someone who understands those issues intimately, you could prove to be a vital advocate. Local and federal teaching organizations are always seeking people with a background in the field to perform advocacy work and lobby political bodies for various legislative positions. This work allows you to interact with all different kinds of people and to do work that will affect teachers and students directly.

Administration Roles

Even if you don't want to teach, a role in a school could still work for you. You might seek out administrative roles such as vice-principal, principal or superintendent. These roles will typically require some graduate school work, so if you're up to continuing your education and getting some more experience in the field, this avenue could work out fine for you. In these roles, you'll still be around students without having constant interactions the way you do as a teacher.

An education degree doesn't automatically indicate that you'll always be teaching in classrooms. Explore other positions, such as through FieldPros, Inc., you could fit superbly so that your career becomes what you want it to be

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