Bringing Girls Closer To Technology Careers

The potential of the Internet Age and powerful computers is astounding but misunderstood. Many people were sold the idea that with the dawn of home computers and home internet, future generations would be smarter and develop great things in mass numbers. While partially true, this technical age simply gives children access to technology at increasingly easier levels. Exposure and understanding the options are a major part of creating a technical powerhouse in the United States, and if you're interested in delivering greater tech opportunities to girls at the high school level, consider a few of these advancement directions:

Hardware Understanding During Grade School

Computers are becoming personal far faster than they're becoming professional, and it's wise for everyone to learn how to service their machines at some level. Whether students plan on entering computer and network service careers, knowing how to fix their computers and connect to networks can keep them viable in future economies far more than just handing them iPhones.

A basic understanding of how a computer can be put together works can do wonders. This means knowing what a motherboard is, what the processor does, what Random Access Memory (RAM) does, and how hard drive or solid-state drives (SSDs) store their information. At the introductory level, students don't need to go deep into board-level components such as the northbridge and southbridge.

The idea is to help students understand the symptoms of a computer failure at the hardware level, along with the right way to replace faulty parts. Desktop computers are becoming more accessible as large, often color-coded and shape-coded connections make computer design a game of matching.

When a person can replace their own drive, memory, or processor, they cut out an expensive service that could be a lifesaver in those future college or job search days. If students plan on continuing their tech career, an understanding and respect for hardware can help with technical support and designing software that works with hardware limitations.

Programming And Scripting Exercises

Programming is an odd part of modern education. It's seen as both a required step forward for anyone who plans on having a technical career and as a difficult issue to tackle for older students. Instead of getting into debates about the proper time and place for programming lessons, work on subtle programming exposure.

Not all programming involves pages of code to create complex applications. Scripting involves creating short snippets of code to perform specific tasks, such as writing a script to click, move, or delete specific files at a specific time. People who write documents can create scripts to search for certain language patterns to help their writing, while accountants can create scripts to search for certain inconsistencies.

Do some of your students plan on getting into hands-on careers or sports careers? Programming, mathematics, and science can still play a part. Anything from cataloging inventory to writing a calculator for nutritional value when other people's calculators seem inaccurate can sneak into any career.

Contact an educational counselor to find schools that match your school expectations. From all-girls Catholic schools to technology-focused tutoring programs, there are ways to bring technology control, appreciation, and even moderation to students.

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